The Mini Max stool was created to make everyday life a little easier for millions of people by helping them do something very simple that makes a huge difference:
take the load off their feet.

the beginning

It all started in the summer of 2008, when Yosef Zaifman visited his brother, Yaacov, in New York City. Yaakov, who worked as a technician at the subway, shared the physical difficulty and back pain he experienced standing up and bending down all day long at work.

Wanting to help his brother, Yosef looked for a small, folding, strong yet easy to carry stool, that would make Yaacov’s life a little easier.

When he couldn’t find one, he created one himself.

Nine years later, the Mini Max stool, which began as an act of brotherly love, has helped thousands of people around the world hurt a little less and enjoy their work and lives a little more.

When we heard about these brothers’ story, we committed to help Yosef make an even bigger impact, and we set out to bring his stool to millions of people around the world.

The Mini Max stool is now available on Amazon and eBay, and will soon be offered in major retail stores, so you too can get the maximum comfort with a minimum effort.

No matter where you are or what you do, there’s a good chance you could use a Mini Max.

Mini Max is a multi-purpose stool, that’s easy to fold, easy to carry and easy to adjust to both a child and adult’s body weight. From electricians to musicians, from hikers to birdwatchers, from museumgoers to multi-people prayers, and from public transportation commuters to people stuck in long lines anywhere…
You can pull out your Mini Max, unfold it and take a seat.

why mini max?

In a world where taking a seat anywhere you want sometimes means carrying a heavy folding stool, or being left with no comfort at all, retailers have an opportunity to close a gap in the market with a respected brand that’s already been proven successful in the international market.

Mini Max’s simplicity and style have made it a consumer favorite with thousands of satisfied customers across the world, and across an abundance of industries and usages.

A few of the use cases:

Technical positions: Technicians, electricians, mechanics, gardeners.

Agriculture: Sorting and packaging out in the field.

Artists: Musicians, painters, photographers.

Travel and leisure: Museums, stargazing, birdwatching, picnics, fishing, RV life, festivals, amusement parks.

Daily life: Busy trains, government offices and clinics that have more people waiting in line than seats, outdoor bus stations.

National and personal festivities: Christmas, family reunions, birthdays.

Corporate world: Larger than usual meetings, conferences.

Security and protection: Military observations and ambushes, Air Force, the police.


and that’s just a partial list!